Child Beauty Pageants Essay

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Imagine being 10 years old or younger, having to show off for older audiences. Being judged based on looks and being pushed to be the best. Being forced by parents who can be verbally abusive, saying hurtful words. How does this make a little girl feel? Unfortunately, this is the sad truth when it comes to child beauty pageants. Child beauty pageants teach young children that, in order to be good enough, resorting to make-up and mature clothing fixes their self-image. Half of the time it’s their parents who make them do that. Young girls have feelings to, but no one listens to them. What type of person will these young girls grow up to be, when they are forced to change themselves in order to be accepted? Beauty pageants have a negative impact…show more content…
Starting in beauty pageants young is an opportunity to work for a scholarship, and grow up to get an incredible job, and that beauty pageants have a long-term impact on girls. (Cartwright). Beauty Pageants can give girls, who grow up into young women, a start to having a successful career. Pageants give women more confidence in themselves, which keep them happy. (Horton). However this is wrong because young girls who participate in activities that focus on physical appearances at an early age can lead to an early loss of self esteem for young girls. Children who are raised only focusing on physical appearances have a negative outlook on life and other people. Beauty Pageants teach women that they are not good enough unless they change the way they look. When a child changes the way they look, they go overboard and wear inappropriate clothes and get spray tans and other adult like behaviors. (“Child Beauty Pageants”) . The expectations for child beauty pageants are ridiculous, children are expected to wear makeup, hair extensions, flippers for missing teeth two piece bathing suits, all in front of an adult judge. (Wiehe). Why is so much pressure and makeup put on little children to look the best? This proves that if a child is being taught to change their appearance to be good enough, they will not learn anything about being beautiful in their own
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