Beauty Persuasive Essay: Breaking Out Of Beauty

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if you haven't changed your makeup in years, its fair bet you're not making the most of your looks. Wearing out of fashion makeup is a sure way to add years to your appearance. Our simple makeup rule will help you break out of a beauty rut. Before you start: Avoid extreme of fashion and bright colors when you're over 40. While younger skins can just about get away with garish make-up. It will simplify emphasize fine lines and wrinkles on most women. Concentrate instead on flattering your looks with subtle colors. So, throw away those traffic stopping blue eye shadows and neon lipsticks! If you haven't got a clue where to start, make an appointment for a free makeover at a local beauty counter. So this way you'll be adept to examine which…show more content…
Instead, recreate a youthful bloom with a light touch of blusher. Remember though, to use half as much blusher and twice as much blending as you originally think! The cream variety of blusher is a good one to try because it will give your skin a soft glow. Dot the blusher onto your skin, and blend with your…show more content…
A common mistake among many women is to be heavy-handed with face powder. Applying too much can make it settle into fine lines and wrinkles on your face, and emphasize them. Aim for a light touch, which will just blot out shine and set your makeup. The most finest way to apply powder is only to blot the areas that need it, then brush out the waste with large powder brush, stroking the brush downwards to prevent tiny particles catching in the fine hairs on your face. Be subtle with Eyeshadow Lots of women never perfect the technique of applying eye shadow properly. Thankfully now there's a new type eye shadow formulation that is a cinch to apply cream to powder eye shadows. It applies as a cream and dries speedily to a super soft powder finish. Opt for a subtle shade, such as a mid brown grey or taupe. A good tip if your look rather droopy is to blend eye shadows upwards and outwards at the outer corners, Remember to blend it in well. Give eyeliners a miss Harsh lines of colors close to your eyes can be hard. You'll accentuate your eyes quite better if you smudge a little neutral toned powder eye shadow under your lower lashes with a clean cotton bud

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