Beauty Salon Business Plan

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1. Introduction
Human beings like beauty and everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive. In this regard all women are much found to be most eager and conscious about their looks as compared to men. As we are considering in this demand in human nature we have decided to start business of beauty clinic and spa. It is most profitable and very popular business field for women, which fulfils not only income side but also quenches one’s creative thirst.
We have chosen Tina Beauty Spa and Salon as the name of our project. We think that the nature and characters of the local culture have inspired us to think about this business. Specific information will be required, such as, a cost of special designed vehicle (caravan) and other equipment for
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People take orders through phone or e-mail. We keep on job these persons for this purpose.
4. Business Targets
• First We targeted potential clients within 5km radius of Marina Mall with a household income over £2500.
• Second we targeted people of business class and foreigners.
• Third we try to target showbiz, Elite and Fashion industry’s people because they spend heavy amount on looks.
• Fourthly we are focusing common people because they are beauty and health conscious too. o We use best products in our Spa, and provide the best services in luxurious way. These things will attract lots of people in our spa. As we want to provide Spa facilities to every class of this society so, it enhance not only our client age but also we earn good name and money. We enhance our staff at every 100 consumer. Therefore quality of service is smooth and clients are as satisfied with us as they
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Our prices are competitive for the area, and according to our planning, which includes skilled and commendable therapists and aestheticians. They will give us a financial advantage. Projection of business also affects business success. Advertising, local fliers, grand opening, party kick-off and promotion for first 30 days are to be used. Continue regular advertising and more aggressive plans for seasonal events and festivals
We have hired a team of legal and market advisors to handle legal, market and competitors’ problems. So, nobody will create any trouble and hinders in our business due to professional jealousy and local or national laws
Every business faces some thread and risk. On the whole we have not faced any risk or major thread. However if government policy is changed and government impose some taxes then it will major setback for us. Because in these conditions we change our strategies and also increased our prices that annoyed may be our clients and this situation imposes bad impression not only our repute but also we cannot earn

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