The Golden Ratio Analysis

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The beauty industry and the history of art strive to give us a clear standard of beauty, which does not match anyone of healthy person. Beauty is a matter of taste, but nevertheless human is trying to find a basis in the present and the past, in order to adequately treat its body. What is the beauty of the body? In Ancient Greece, Plato — greek philosopher, believed that the body is the harmony of its parts with a certain pleasant colour. Plato represented the following parameters: The Golden Ratio with the width of the face at 2/3 of its length and the perfect symmetry between the left and right half. Complexion — certainly light, because democracy of Ancient Greece was based on the labor of swarthy population of North Africa and southern…show more content…
For many people the body is obsessive, and its adoption is a complex process of awareness. Human is tempted to conceal and hide its intimate essence, worrying about disapproving looks. 80% of people look at their reflection with sorrow, and 40% have sex in clothes or in the dark. For political and cultural reasons, the first world countries dictate a universal standard of beauty. But 80% of the earth are still beyond the media attention. Documentary films about the people who are living now outside the media reality tell that the obsession of the body, clothing and the disguise of "defects" are civilization properties. Neither leader or an African woman will not suffer because of their age "imperfections", since in primitive tribes body is an important symbol and canvas for…show more content…
We don't like to read, listen and talk, but perceive visual information more than others, we prefer to look at the pictures and watch the videos. Physical ideals portrayed in the media, which promotes the concept of "the dream body". Mass media also recommends body practices such as makeup, cosmetology, diet, sports exercises and plastic surgery. Sometimes it seems that the world is literally got crazy about the appearance. It is difficult to ignore and do something really important in the world where you live under a magnifying glass of those who examines in details your cellulite and skin aging. People condemn their own bodies and the bodies of others under the influence of the ubiquitous impact of the ideal body. And some people get a lot of psychosomatic disorders, distortions of own physicality, changes of the character, life goals and destinies. A feeling that if you control your body and your appearance, it can somehow organize the chaos of the

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