Beauty Standards In America

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Beauty is a highly controversial topic, which comes into question every day. Beauty standards in America is a big issue in the country. One cannot go anywhere without being looked at and judged. Outer beauty appearance has become more important to people than anything else. This along with media outlets, beauty industries, and beauty standards has caused many to change how they look. The pressure to be considered perfect consumes many aspects of people’s lives, and destroys them little by little. Beauty pageants, modeling, and cosmetic surgery all demonstrate how media outlets contribute to societies beauty standards. Beauty pageants are social events where individuals, usually women, of all ages are paraded in front of an audience to be admired…show more content…
One cannot go anywhere in the world without seeing models in magazines, television, or billboards. When one looks at them women and young girls, and individuals would believe that is the best job ever. Being able to meet famous people and wear designer clothes. Though in reality, modeling might not be as glamorous as it appears. In modeling young girls and women face many issues, such as sexual harassment, drug and alcohol abuse, unhealthy body transformation, and other horrifying tragedies that has yet come to light. I feel if the modeling industry used its power to promote a realistic and confident body image, views could change for the better and bring an end to the perceived impression that models are…show more content…
Some even take it so far that they use crazy tactics like eating cotton balls, smoking “twenty cigarettes with a cup of coffee”, or popping laxatives. This is why eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia is common in models. Sannie Pederson, a model in New York kept a consistent weight of 100 pounds, but often complained it would hurt to sit down. “Now at a healthier 121 pounds, Pederson is often told she is too fat at castings.” This is why these problems exist because of the companies they work for, society, or their own agents telling them they need to lose

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