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SUMMARY: Michelle phan begins the article by saying how in America, the perception of beauty often relies on the idea of perfection. The main source for the idea of perfection is our sources of entertainment through Hollywood as well as magazines. Although Hollywood and magazines portray ideas of perfection, media produces mass ideas of how we perceive beauty. Despite an astonishing movement taking place to reveal behind the scene footage of models, America has a 40 billion dollar diet industry. We created our own beauty standards within our own country from wanting tanned skin to impossible symmetrical body features. She compares the United States to multiple cultures around the world that have different ideas of what
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Also she is a makeup entrepreneur which also supports her ideas. Although she did not physically see the countries, she well knowledgeable about other countries beauty standards. Phan would gain followers as well as inspire younger girls and teens to spread the word about what true beauty is. Phan remains neutral throughout the article to inform the reader about different forms of perfection in different countries.
REFLECT: I am going to use this article to compare the beauty standards of America to countries around the world ad how our media is portraying how the “ideal American female” should look. I am also going to include this into the Cultural and Environmental
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His results showed a significant role of socio-cultural factors in the attitude towards body image. This also opens the question of the role of religion as a guard when it comes to body and appearance among Muslim women who wear hijabs.
EVALUATION: Although Đurović is a Scandinavian author, he develops credibility through his proper knowledge on the topic as well as statistics and studies proven for the Muslim women community on tradition.
REFLECT: I plan to incorporate Đurović’s paper in the Political and Cultural lenses and also compares his paper to the stimulus source of, “Lila Abu-Lughod on Attitudes Toward Muslim Women in the West.” I can use this to show the implications of Muslim women beauty standards developed through political view points mainly depicted from male roles in their

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