Beauty Vs. Ugliness Of The Soul In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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nkenstein is a novel written by Marry Shelley about a student of science named Victor Frankenstein , who make a monstrous but responsive being in an unconventional technical experiment. Shelley wrote it when her age was eighteen years old and the novel came when she was at the age of twenty. The first edition of her book was available in London and the second one in France.
Frankenstein is basically filled with essentials of the Gothic novel and the Romantic Movement and is measured as one of the science fiction
The aim of the study is to investigate about the mythical norms created by the society about beauty and ugliness and that if an ugly person reacts devastatingly then it’s just the mere reflection of the society that how they treat a person as we can witness in Mary Shelley Frankenstein. That all the deeds done by the monster in the novel is totally the fight towards beauty and ugliness.
This throws light upon the idea it is not always simple to know about goodness and evilness with regard to outer beauty but it’s the beauty of the soul as the victor was projected as a good and loving human being and the monster evil but we can realize throughout the novel that this might be up turned for both victor and the monster Mary Shelley depicted the phenomena of beauty vs. ugliness of the soul very prominently in the novel Frankenstein
. The thesis will describe that how the own loved ones fails to accept the outer beauty of their loved ones instead of focusing towards the
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