Beaver's Sweater Character Analysis

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In the episode of Beaver’s Sweater, Beaver and his friend, Larry, both want Eskimo sweaters. As they are walking by the shop with the sweater, Larry points out that his father is going to bring him to the store at a later period to buy the sweater. He tries to persuade Beaver to convince his father to buy himself a sweater as well, so they can both have matching sweaters. Later, Beaver comes back to the store with his mother, June, to buy the sweater, where she tries to persuade him not to buy it. However, much to his regret later, he does, in fact, buy the sweater. When he arrives back at home, his father, Ward, does not appear to like the sweater, but he lies to spare Beaver’s feelings. The next day, Larry and Beaver are talking at their lockers, and Larry informs Beaver that his father never bought him the sweater. Then, they notice a girl at school, Judy, who has the same sweater as Beaver. At that point, Beaver regrets buying the sweater because Larry and he both have come to the conclusion that it is a “girl’s sweater.” After school, Beaver is very ashamed of his sweater, but, eventually, he tells his older brother, Wally, about the sweater. Wally promises to keep his secret, and he said he will not tell anyone about it. Later in the day, Wally and he go to the movies,…show more content…
I, honestly, like the comedy of the 1950’s a lot more; however, everything was masked during the 1950’s. During today’s shows, it does not only show the common man, but it also shows social, economic, psychological, personal, and many other problems. In the 1950’s, shows, generally, portrayed what society expected to be the norm of the time. For example, the father was always the breadwinner of the family. The mother was always a housewife. The children were well groomed and full of manners. In conclusion, there are many, large differences between the 1950’s shows versus today’s shows, but, in my opinion, I prefer the shows of
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