Bebop And Cubop's Impact On Jazz

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Jazz is a type of music that was created long ago, including a very diverse number of instruments usually played in Big Bands, such as: Trumpet, Piano, Trombone, Clarinet, etc. and still to this day is played in a many different places with differentiating styles, two of all the manners of playing Jazz are Bebop and Cubop. There is huge number of individuals who have had a large impact on Jazz, including: Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke
Ellington, and Roy Eldridge, but one figure especially had an enormous impact on Jazz; John
“Dizzy” Gillespie. This man was key in the development in both Jazz styles mentioned earlier,
Bebop and Cubop, which are relatively recent having been created in the early­late 40’s; this couple of
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This jazz technique involves percussion and rhythms from Cuba and the
Spanish Caribbean with a jazz that combines African and European musical elements, and still has characteristics from Bebop (Source 9). While Bebop is the oldest having been developed in the mid 1940’s, Cubop is the youngest, being developed in the late 1940’s, and can also be considered a bit more complex.
For Cubop and Bebop to have been possible, a few encounters had to have taken place.
These encounters took place between some of the most influential figures of that era. For example, the time that Gillespie cooperated with the Afro­Cuban Jazz percussionist and composer Chano Pozo and a Afro­Cuban Jazz musician/trumpeter and composer Mario Bauza
(Source 3). Bebop on the other hand, involved great artists of a different field in Jazz. Gillespie and two musicians known as Charlie “Yardbird” Parker (saxophonist and composer) and
Gomez­Aristizabal 4
Thelonious Monk (pianist and composer) (Source 5). In both these encounters these individuals were able to compose the first early stages of these techniques.
Just as the birth of Bebop and Cubop was dependent on the encounter of these outstanding musicians, the exchange of ideas and techniques amidst them played an

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