Because We Were Beautiful Movie Analysis

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Because We Were Beautiful After watching the documentary “Because we were Beautiful”, I realized that many events take place in history that people aren’t aware of, or don’t care to acknowledge. Personally I’ve never heard of the “comfort women” before, and after watching the documentary I was able to hear about the struggles that young girls were forced to endure in their premature lives and how they coped with it throughout their lives. The documentary showed the women in present time, initially I didn’t understand the title, because usually the elderly aren’t view as beautiful. Things such as wrinkle creams and surgeries are options to maintain looking as young as possible. The women they showed had thin, gray hair, most of the time it didn't look tamed. Their living environments were unsanitary and they still must work for their food at an older age, unlike some elderly Americans who live off of social security checks.…show more content…
They couldn't fight back, and if they did they would be beaten. They had to please the men in anyway they wanted, if the men disobeyed their time of an hour they would get a slap to the face compared to being “treated like dogs” every day like the young girls were. While the girls were afraid of the men that forced themselves on them, they were also afraid of punishment from God. Many women voiced that they can only hope and pray that God will forgive them. Although, some can interpret differently, they were powerless and it was against their will, so they shouldn't be punished. Their religion has influenced their thought process of absolutism, and makes them feel as if they’ve done the sinning themselves. When the girls returned home they were ridiculed and frowned upon because of the things they were forced to do. Some women didn't want their families to carry the burden they were forced to carry throughout their lives, so they kept it to themselves in order to protect their family’s
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