Latin American Stereotypes Essay

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movies like Independence Day, Casino Royale, Congo, Black Hawk Down, Blood Diamond, Rwanda etc. Another major stereotype discussed in the presentation was about the Bechdel Test. It was proposed by a feminist Alison Bechdel in the 80s. A movie is said to pass the Bechdel Test if in the movie, two or more women are shown to have a back and forth conversation about anything other than men. Surprisingly, out of 2500 movies, more than half have failed to pass it. Even the script writers do not try to pass the Bechdel Test because, well, this is what sells the movie. A lot of famous movies like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Dark Knight Rises, The Pirates of Caribbean have failed to pass this test. The stereotypes about Arabs were also discussed in detail. Arabs are shown as villains and terrorists. They are shown as barbaric, Muslims or foreigners. Arab women are depicted as belly dancers or harems under veils. This was followed by a discussion on stereotypes on Latin Americans, Blacks and Native Americans. Native Americans are a diverse culture but are still depicted as medicine men or princesses. Blacks are…show more content…
Murrow Political Bias in media is one of the most rampant examples of bias in terms of its influence on mindsets of people. The statement above by Edward R. Murrow makes total sense in today’s world. Political Bias is at its peak during elections. Public has to vote for candidates and much information about the candidates comes from media. Media, during these times, takes this advantage. Political bias can occur in two ways- individualistic bias and gatekeeping. Individualistic bias occurs when an individual reporter skews the views he or she is reporting because of a personal bias. Gatekeeping occurs when a group of journalists or editors come together and skew the coverage in a way they want, hiding the actual
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