Beck's False Accusations Against George Soros

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A Chief Editor Chides Glen Beck for his False Accusations against George Soros A senior editor and columnist with the New Yorker Magazine has castigated Glen Beck for his underhand campaigns aimed at tarnishing the name of George Soros, the renowned billionaire philanthropist and principal donor of liberal causes. In a November 2010 commentary titled “Puppetry” inscribed by guest political columnist and editor Hendrik Hertzberg. The writer described Beck’s assertions painting George Soros as an anti-Semite who supported the holocaust and an enemy of Israel as baseless and ill conceived lies. Before the three part show aired, it was heavily promoted in the Fox News media and Beck’s conservative radio show. The gist of the pervasive attack was an article titled “The World According to Soros” which was earlier written for the New Yorker by Connie Bruck. In the tri-episode, Glen Beck accused Soros of planning a revolution in America after previously supporting regime changeovers in the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Georgia through the Velvet, Orange and Rose Revolutions respectively. Beck also accused Soros of…show more content…
In a race and ethnicity column titled “And Now; Anti Semitism”, published in December 2010, The Nation columnist Jonathan Schell described Glen Beck as the latest in a cabal of deranged demagogues hyping anti-Semitism sentiments in the modern day. The repudiation follows the accusation by the leading Fox News commentator that Soros was running a shadowy government whose mandate was to topple the American political system. Jonathan pits Beck in a long line of conservative demagogues, who include entertainers such as Michel Savage and Rush Limbaugh. The writer also accused Beck of injecting the most virulent and dangerous accusations into the American
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