Becky Lynn Struck Research Paper

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Becky Lynn Struck is a 39 year old wife and caretaker of my dad and I, plus our 3 bulldogs. She graduated from Poynette high school in 1995, she is still friends with many of her high school friends today ,and many of them had kids who are now my friends. Mom did go to college but only for a semester, then she decided to get a job instead. She has one brother, Jason, who lives in Pewaukee with his two kids, they haven’t seen or talked to each other in 10 years. Then my grandparents, John and Cheryl live over by the Mackenzie Center, in the same house my mom grew up in. Today my mom works at Poynette Iron Works Inc., selling industrial dumpsters, attends school at MATC, and own a graphic design and printing business. My mother is a very stressed person all the time, that why I get stressed so easily on a daily basis. You can tell my mother has anxiety and OCD, because she 's often cleaning all the time even though the house isn’t that dirty. Mom always picks at her cuticles, especially if we’re just sitting around doing nothing she starts picking at them.…show more content…
Next I asked her the 12 Erikson questions, about random life accomplishments and memories. Most of the questions that I had asked her were either related to her life accomplishment, memories, or something she would have changed with her life, such as if she would rather grow as a teenage now or when she did. When asked how important her family is to her, she responded “Very, because that is my life,” which I could vouch for because my mom does a lot for both my dad and I. In another question I asked, What advice would you give to the younger generation?Why her answer was, “Don’t wait to do something, live for the moment.” Another interesting question I had asked her was, If you could have dinner with anyone who would you choose? Why, she replied, “Richard Branson, because he is very successful.” Most of the other question were answered with simple answers like, I want to travel everywhere or start my own
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