Become An Entrepreneur

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EVERYONE SHOULD BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR Entrepreneurs is someone who build and manage on one business or more. Being an entrepreneur is not easy because you have to think what kind of business that you want to build and have an idea to make the business work. But somehow many entrepreneurs are success to make the business work and I know it cost a lot of work. But above all of that, I believe everyone should become an entrepreneur because; the opportunity that you have, the life that you will get, the impact to become an entrepreneur. First, think about your opportunity that you have. If you become an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to be creative. For a starter, use your own creativity to create a business that you want to build.…show more content…
Become an entrepreneur is a life changing not only for you but also for other people. A source has been told that 74.8 percent why people want to become an entrepreneur because they want to make a better life by looking for more fortune. It’s important because when you already reach your goal to become a fortune, you gonna shared your fortune with the others. It can be you family or your friends or other people that really need help like orphans or homeless people. Another why becoming an entrepreneur is a life changing is when you run company, you can help other people by opening vacancies for those who want to work. It’s a also benefits you in your own company when you look for employees that you need for. Everybody is happy and so are you. In short, the impact to become an entreprenuer is a life changing not only for you but the others as well. In conclusion, it’s not easy to be an entrepreneur. But if you make through it, it will be worth it in the end. I believe that everyone can be an entrepreneur if you have a courage to take a risk for yourself, believe in hard work and dedicate to it. You have to think about it, would you rather be just an employee who just do what ‘the boss’ ask you to or you can make your own fate, create your own vision with your brain, be the leader in your company. It’s your choice and my choice is to become an
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