Becoming 1984 George Orwell Analysis

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Becoming 1984 1984, a story about a dystopian future, was written by George Orwell in 1948. It explores the ideas of complete government control, while following Winston Smith. Winston is a 39 year old who works in the Ministry of Truth, but has a hard time believing in Big Brother. In this story everyone is warned about Big Brother always watching them, which turns out to be true. Everyone is always under surveillance. Things like this happen now. We are in danger of becoming 1984 because of the use of surveillance, dangerous technology, and censorship which are all by the government. Privacy is valued to a lot of people, but there are people who don’t really care for other people’s privacy at all. As for privacy in 1984, it doesn’t seem to really exist. “Winston kept his back to the telescreen. It was safer; though, as he well knew, even a back can be revealing” (Orwell 3). Everyone has a telescreen in their place of work, house and almost every local store or restaurant. “But all the while, the line between private and public space is as porous as a tissue paper” (Drehle). This quote comes from the article The Surveillance Society written…show more content…
People might ask as to why would we listen to everything the government says? How could they control us like they control the people in 1984? But with all of the news we hear today, it’s quite obvious that there are many similarities between our society now and the one in 1984. There is definitely a dangerous chance of us becoming like 1984 due to the government's powers. All in all there’s a huge chance of the society becoming like the one in 1984. The government can already access the internet and phone records that they want too. They are also able to access any phones camera and microphone. We are in danger of becoming like 1984 because of surveillance, dangerous technology, and censorship all controlled by the
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