Becoming A Cheerleader

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Even when I was still in diapers, I remember how much I had gawked at the girls in high school who wore their cheerleading uniforms with pride. I knew at first glance that becoming a cheerleader was something that I was going to do when I was older. Some of my earliest memories include myself cheering at a Utah State University basketball game. I saw those cheerleaders as individuals with not only an excess of talent and school spirit but also as role models and some of my biggest idols. This dream never left, as was evident when I tried out for the Skyview Cheer Team while still in eighth grade. After the tryouts, I remember seeing my name on that list and knowing from the bottom of my heart that this moment would change my life for the better.…show more content…
I have had three whole years to think about this. Being the only fourth year returner and last year’s alternate leader, I have dedicated myself to this program in ways that others have not. I have been with this program even with changes in leadership and coaching styles. I have a vast knowledge of what is expected and I am an excellent source when people have questions about stunting, dancing, and cheers because I truly have done it all. This level of dedication has not been easy, however. I have given up groups of friends and having to make up countless hours of early-morning seminary because this is what I love. I will always put cheer first because of my passion, which exceeds the expectations. I am known to be the girl who kicks after every single cheer and wants to call as many sideline cheers as possible. My passion and dedication to this team makes me the most capable person to become a leader of this…show more content…
I fully stand behind this idea in terms of communicating with both the squad and with the coaches. When there is lack of communication between the leaders and the team, girls end up at the wrong school or wearing the wrong attire to a game. If given the opportunity to be one of this upcoming year’s leaders communication will be my main emphasis. Good communication with coaches when there are problems on the team will smoothly resolve any conflict and also create a more positive environment. Having leaders with great social and communication skills helps bridge that gap between cheerleaders, which is something that I know I can bring to the team.
So why do I want to be a leader? I want to be a leader because I want to set an example for the community of what our cheer team has become. I want our team to be talked about with pride. I believe that having me, Natalie Marchant, as leader this year, I will be able to make this dream a reality. I want to be able to inspire young girls to follow their dreams and to have someone to look up to, just like other cheerleaders were to me all but not so long
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