Becoming A Community Analysis

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Rudolf Steiner once said, “A healthy social life is found only, when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection”. Steiner believes for there to be a community, everyone must find their own distinct society and discover the true meaning of becoming a community. A discourse community understands one another and shares a common belief, goal, and value by providing positive traits to the community and to help build a stronger and more connected community through a common interest. Others say a discourse community is all about fitting in, getting accepted and being able to prove to yourself and the interest group you belong to the certain community. Some might say who cares about working in the health care field or why bother…show more content…
While partaking in the practicum for months I have mastered my skills in personal care such as catheter care, bed making by learning how to properly miter a corner and verbal communication; therefore, was ready to take on my next challenge. In addition, combining these skills with the required characteristics made me a better person and a better caretaker. When it comes to performing these tasks in front of my peers you have to be able to prove you have the passion to care for others; you also have to possess the knowledge in order to perform your task to the fullest. Not only did I have to show expertise, I had to prove I had made the right decision in becoming a part of this distinct community. This course was an inspiration to my choosing of my career path because my experiences while working in a real life situation has impacted me drastically and has inspired me to do more in my community. Some people might believe to be a CNA is an easy task; however, being a CNA is a tedious and rigorous job because being attentive and passionate about the job is an important aspect. Whenever I first step foot in a nursing home, I made minor mistakes such as not knocking or forgetting how to properly transfer a resident. My teacher would always question whether or not I actually had what it takes to become a CNA if I could not complete simple tasks properly such as proper range of motion or transfers. I had to step back and ask myself if I really belonged to this certain community, but with time meant getting the hang of the tasks and being able to take on the reigns of a true
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