Becoming A Crisis Intervention Counselor Essay

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Becoming a Crisis Intervention Counselor

Crisis Intervention Counseling is a job that supports those who have fought through Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or is going through a stage of mental health crisis. They require multiple skills and need a lot of education. Crisis intervention counselors have the benefits and the drawbacks. One of the key factors to becoming a Crisis Intervention Counselor is that you need to have a great strength in being non reactive to any case that you approach. You are required to have high strengths in self awareness, nonjudgmental, nonreactive, tolerant, supportiveness, high tolerance level,. Specific training is much needed to contain these skills required. All of the skills listed above are highly required and will help you through any situation you undertake. The annual salary for a Crisis Intervention Counselor is $thirty-seven thousand five hundred eighty-two. That means they receive approximately $22.58 per hour. Education makes the most of differences
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One thing that could set you back is you would have to deal with terrible situations that could touch deeper and would keep you from helping the client. The situations may affect you harder than you think it might and you might as well counsel yourself depending on the client’s story. Education can get you a long ways if you take it seriously. Crisis Intervention Counseling requires the knowledge of counseling. Being a counselor you can earn your bachelor 's degree through different routes such as: Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, Human Services, Divinity, Sociology, or other closely related degrees. Depending on the program you use for your education, you may spend anywhere from two to four years in school learning about being a Crisis Intervention Counselor. Some good schools to look at attending are Grace College and Theological Seminary and the Arizona Christian
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