Becoming A Flight Paramedic

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Becoming a Flight Paramedic
When entering an occupation in which you want to pursue, being passionate about it is the most important characteristic an individual can possess. Taking immediate action, and being under pressure to save a person’s life, makes me passionate about my chosen occupation. A Flight Paramedic is always put on the spot for providing quality care to patients that are at there worst. Becoming a Flight paramedic involves having the mental and physical stamina to fulfill the job expected of you.
The job of a Flight Paramedic entails a lot of abilities including teaming up with other medical professionals to help patients recover from a traumatic events. The most important duty of a flight paramedic is to respond to 911 calls
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When most people train for jobs, they just go through the motions, not really paying attention to details. In the medical field, it is extremely important to be passionate about the job you are training for and to make sure you go above and beyond in training, so it will carry over into the workforce. In order to be accepted into an Emergency Medical Services program (EMS), you must be 18 years old (Welcome to Career Cruising 2.0). The programs you can enter consist of either a two year college degree in Emergency Medical Services, or an equivalent two year training program. I am looking into going to Florida State College in Jacksonville, at this college there are no prerequisites for the Emergency Medical Services Degree. In any college there are usually no prerequisites (Welcome to Career Cruising 2.0). While completing my education at Florida State College, this will prepare me to sit for the Florida State Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Paramedic exam as well as the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) which means I can transfer and work anywhere in the country. I will gain knowledge with Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). After graduating for college and sitting for the exams, I will have to have at least 2 years of ground…show more content…
Although there are not as many closely related to a Flight Paramedic. One related career to a Flight Paramedic is a Flight Nurse, these are Registered Nurses with extensive training that ultimately have the same scope of practice within reason to a Flight Paramedic. Another being a Registered Nurse working within an emergency room. If you were thinking of joining the military, there is the option of becoming a Military Field Medic which usually fly into active war zones to rescue the wounded fighting for our country. Unless you are looking for a “less intense” career, you could become an EMT-Basic (EMT-B) or a special events paramedic. An EMT-B has basic life support skills and can work within a rescue agency or an equivalent. A special events paramedic, travels to places where there are large events that are happening, to oversee and make sure everyone remains safe at the event (Welcome to Career Cruising 2.0). The possibilities are endless when it comes to the healthcare

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