Becoming A Forensic Pathologist Essay

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Before the law system throws a criminal in jail, before a jury ever reaches a verdict, before a lawyer makes his case, before a prosecutor makes allegations, and before an investigator gathers enough evidence to take to trial, the forensic pathologist has a job to do. Forensic pathologists are licensed physicians who examine bodies of unknown or unusual death. They help law enforcement determine the cause, time, and reason of these deaths. The important profession includes educational and skill qualifications, strange career conditions, and a great career path.
Becoming a forensic pathologist includes a long educational background and training in pathology. The educational background starts with an interest in science in high school and continues with a medical degree from a college and medical school. Ways to prepare to go into forensic pathology while in high school include taking advanced science, math, and English classes, developing good writing skills, and practicing public speaking often ( Before enrolling into medical school, an aspiring forensic pathologist must complete four years of undergraduate studies (Become a Forensic Pathologist). The top five schools for going into forensic pathology are Virginia College, Southern New Hampshire University, Kaplan University, Azusa Pacific, and John Hopkins (Forensic Pathologist: Education Requirements and Career
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This important job is famous for quirky doctors on television who talk to the dead and use strange tactics to pick apart a case, but misconceptions show the exaggerated life of a forensic pathologist. As man’s sin nature continues to shape and affect people’s lives, forensic pathology will be more vital than ever. Entering this profession will ensure a pursuit of justice in the
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