Becoming A Foster Parent Essay

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“Not everyone can become a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child” is one of the most famous slogans out of all time describing how not everyone is stable to become a parent but can help a child in need. Many people wonder which is easier. Becoming a foster parent or an adoptive parent? There are many children in need of homes and loving and in need of someone that’s there for them.
Becoming a foster parent takes dedication, commitment, being any kind of parent does. In the year 2012 more than 3.3 million reports of 6 million are reports of abuse which is about 8% of our children's population. In 2012 there was a slight increase by 4% but 29% were put into a good foster home. In 2015 13.1% of children in the system were adopted.
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Such as, there is a process that the parent has to go through. With the differences. Bringing in a child into a life style will cause happiness, tension, and love. Becoming an adoptive parent means giving up your freedom. As a parent their duty is to be a role model for the child show the child the correct and mental stability that it is in. Becoming a role model means helping and showing guidance and support towards the child. Coming into a new home the child might have trust issues, might be shy, a little rude, scared. Depending on what has happened to the child in the past everyone has a different background story but don’t pressure the child to open up he/she will adapt differently towards other. People can’t one day wake up and think “ I want to become a foster/adoptive parent today”. To become a legal guardian of someone take commitment. There are agencies that have classes some companies are more strict about the people the allow to become legal guardians there are home check up and back grounds check ups on the parent/parents that are requesting to become a foster parent, classes you have to take but not necessarily on how to be a parent but how you personally can function with a new person in your life. Some people need to understand how big of a deal it is on becoming a
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