Becoming A Liberally Educated Person Essay

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Throughout our IS class, we have learned a lot about the benefits of becoming liberally educated and how to become a liberal learner. A liberally educated person is not just a student who goes to and liberal college. A liberally educated person does not just pass a class in each subject required in order to graduate. Liberally educated people have distinct yet strong characteristics that set them apart and much farther ahead than any regular student. They have specific qualities that make the difference between being liberally educated and being a regular student. Liberally educated people strive to learn and value all of the information that they are able to come about. They do not hold the importance of one subject over another, instead they understand the importance of all subjects and care to learn about each one. The characteristics of a liberal learner do not just come about. A liberal learner must focus on developing and refining these characteristics. Liberally educated…show more content…
I want to get the most out of my education and use it to my advantage. I do not only want to be a liberal learner because of the success I would have in class, but also because of the success that it would lead me to outside of school in the real world. From this class I know what it takes to get to where I want to be and I am going to work hard to develop the right characteristics I talked about earlier. There is one saying from a reading we talked about in class that I want to apply in my life starting now. Richard Rodriguez wrote about a poster he saw that said, “Open the doors of your mind with books (Rodriguez 103).” I have never been an avid reader so I want to use this saying to change that. My time in this class learning about being liberally educated has motivated me to become a liberal learner and take advantage of all my
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