Becoming A Marine Biologist Essay

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Marine biologists study, observe, and help animals. They may find solutions for a disease or clean up an oil spill. The world needs marine biologists to protect and preserve underwater ecosystems. When I grow up I want to be able to help the ocean environment by becoming a marine biologist. To become a marine biologist, you need a lot of education. As a marine biologist, there are many salary and job opportunities in the job, and the work environment is very pleasant. As a marine biologist I will study the saltwater ecosystem. I will work outside at times and in a lab at other times. I will have to work on some projects including ones that involve DNA and genetics. I may have to study the animals in an aquarium. In the process to become a marine biologist I will need to get a PhD of biology, math (at least calculus), computer, technical/electric, I should be able to type, and I also might need to get my diving license. A good school to learn marine biology in is California State University. Another reason I want to become a marine biologist is that there are many opportunities to take. I will live near a coast in Germany. I will do this because I would like to work for a German company. I want to work for a company called…show more content…
Away from earth it is usually a gas. This moisture is a blessed treasure, and it is our basic duty to preserve it.” This means that we need to have marine biologists to help preserve the water and the world below it. Being a marine biologist means that you are willing to help not just animals but the world and the water we drink. As a marine biologist there are many opportunities and many risks to take. I know that when I grow up I want to become a marine biologist to help the Earth. During my career there will be many opportunities to take and many challenges to
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