Becoming A Mechanical Engineer

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Is it worth taking the risks to become a mechanical engineer? Many people think that a mechanical engineer is a broad field to enter, doing the same thing all the time, but that 's not true. There are over 100 fields you can enter as a mechanical engineer. As for the salary of the field, mechanical engineers earn on average, about a salary of $68,268 per year. Most people in this career move on to a different job after 20 years. Experience does have an effect on the salary for this job ( “Mechanical Engineer Salary”). But for the majority of them, most of them create and develop mechanical systems for all of society. They use the principles of force, energy, and motion, in all of their thinking 's while they work. They use their knowledge…show more content…
Another problem that mechanical engineers face are dangerous working conditions. “In industrial environments, mechanical engineers might slip on wet floors or ladders or fall from a catwalk or man lift. The work sometimes involves large, heavy material and equipment, which can crush or pin a worker. Moving parts can be dangerous if they come into contact with your body or clothing. Some environments expose engineers to excessive noise, vibration or temperature extremes that can be potentially dangerous. Many types of equipment require electrical power, and some carry enough juice to kill or severely injure anyone who accidentally comes into contact with it” (“What Are the Dangers of Being a Mechanical Engineer”). While working as a mechanical engineer, you always want to pay attention to your surroundings. It’s very crucial to your work experience and how you look at things throughout your job. For example, when you get to the job, walk around and check everything to make sure it’s in working order. As a mechanical engineer, it 's your responsibility to know the limits of your equipment and communicate them to all workers. Even equipment, if you do check them, can malfunction so it’s not entirely your fault, but that happens very minimally. Working in dangerous conditions as a mechanical engineer can lead to the ignition of flammable and explosive substances, uncontrolled fires, and being exposed to toxic substances (“Key Risks”). Certain types of equipment often involve the use of gases, flames, heat, refrigeration and electricity. Engineers should use certain protective equipment while working all the time to ensure their safety. Even the slightest mistake can lead to burns, cuts, gas inhalation and exposure to hazardous materials. Mechanical Engineers are not always working in laboratories and safe environments, they usually work at locations that aren’t made or suited well for the jobs demands (“What Are the Dangers of Being a Mechanical Engineer”). Working as a

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