Becoming A Paralegal Essay

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According to California legislative Information website, you have to meet the business and profession code in order to become a paralegal in California, and you have to possess at least one of the following: A certificate of completion of a paralegal program approved by the American Bar Association; a certificate of completion of a paralegal program with a minimum of 24 semesters; a baccalaureate degree or an advanced degree in any subject, a minimum of one year of law-related experience under the supervision of an attorney who has been an active member of the State Bar of California; and a high school diploma.
I am preparing myself to meet those requirements by working toward my college degree at City College. I have only feel units left in order to graduate. In addition to that, I am taking the paralegal course at CCSF as well.
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Unlike paralegals, legal technicians can work directly with the client and independently from an attorney. However, legal technicians cannot perform legal research; draft legal letters and documents without their work being reviewed and approved by a Washington lawyer. What they are doing in Washington is helping people who cannot afford a lawyer to get legal assistance without the expensive attorney fees. If the new law APR (28) Is approved, it will allow non-lawyers to become licensed to practice in a limited way in certain areas of the law. I think this new career is a step up from what a paralegal can do, it will give an opportunity for people to work in the law area without being a lawyer. LLLT possesses more opinions than a paralegal. I think this is better than a paralegal because law firms will be able to offer a whole new kind of service to the public. Furthermore, LLLT will have the opportunity to become a partner of a practice or even own their own
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