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Pathology is the science the study of disease like the body's fluids, blood, body tissues and autopsies all of this includes some type of chemisty work. A pathologist is a doctor, a significant person in the medical field, who examines and states the cause of death of a dead person. This doctor can be known for forensic field or known as a medical examiner.

A pathologist is having dedication to the study of medicine since to be a pathologist you need to be a doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathy. They have roles with physicians teachers and scientists. Plus, having 13-15 years of school and training medicine and keeping up with the modern medicine. A career of pathologist is working on a case from 10 to 12 hours just examining the corpse. But, they annually they make 26,000 dollars. Also, they examine microscopic to check for disease or abnormalities in the body. They don't really work with a dead body but with living once, to check in with
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Also the amount of money that they can make in a year, can pay a trip to many places in the world like Rome, Paris or Hawaii even. All the new things that can be discovered by using the medicine, chemistry and biology. Also, a great way to keep in touch with the new medicine that you might even discover something like to cure cancer or many other diseases that are affecting our community by killing millions and millions of people around that whole word at this moment.

According to the college board “economists expect jobs for doctors, including pathologists, to grow faster than the average for all careers through 2020. The healthcare industry is expanding to serve a growing elderly population, so there will be a need for more pathologists”. This is also another reason why becoming a pathologist is a good idea. One because we need more Pathologist and another is because it pays good as

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