Becoming A Pediatric Oncologist Essay

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As Far as I can remember, I always wanted to become a Pediatric Oncologist. A Pediatric Oncologist, is a doctor that takes care of adolescents that have been diagnosed with cancer. They’re in charge of the patient treatment plan depending on what cancer is being developed and what stage it is on. As an oncologist you’ll have to work at an agline pace, because you’ll have to be seeing your patient on a daily basis and as well evaluating them during each check up to see if the cancer spread or multiplied during the patient 's chemotherapy or radiation. You’ll also have to keep in mind that some of your patients will be kids, and some will be quite boisterous. As a professional, you 'll need to have patience in working with kids, and knowing how to treat them…show more content…
It is a long process to become a Pediatric Oncologist, but with the dedication and drive that I have been wanting to become one, it won 't be that difficult. I think when wanting to become an Oncologist, you must have the pride in yourself and in wanting to succeed and strive for better. The reason why I would want to become a Pediatric Oncologist, is because my family background has a lot of cancer. Which means that it is genetic. My aunt was previously diagnosed with Breast Cancer, they were able to detect it on its dormant stage, which means the cancer is slowed down or asleep. So they were able to remove the cancer and that layer of mass was taken to a laboratory which later was detected cancer free. So my aunt wasn 't recommended to take chemotherapy treatments, due to the laboratory outcome, but as far as being a Pediatric Oncologist, I would want to make the biggest impact in my patient 's life. I 've heard many stories of kids being diagnosed with Leukemia stage 2 and 3 and were able to push against all odds due to the help of their doctor. I would want to be that kind of doctor that would want to try their hardest to make miracles happen and save their lives during the hardest and difficult time of
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