Becoming A Pediatrician Assistant

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I have always felt the need to help people any time I can. Being helpful to others has always felt like an accomplishment. Thinking about that, I have come to the time where I need to pick my occupation. Should I be a physical therapist assistant or a pediatrician is the decision I have to make. But with choosing my occupation, I need to also keep in mind a few things, the pay rate, employment demand, years of schooling, and the job environment. With this being said. I would choose Pediatrician over a physical therapist assistant. The average salary for a pediatrician in our area is $135,000 a year, which will average out about $88.07 an hour (The Facts. (2017) para 2, para 5). In some states the average is a lot higher for a pediatrician.…show more content…
The first year of residency used to be called “internship” which most people are familiar with (THE BOTTOM LINE! (n.d.) para 1). After you finish those 11 years of school, you are able to become a certified pediatrician (Interesting Facts About Pediatricians. (2017) para. 4). The major classes you would have to take while earning your degree are Biology, Chemistry, and many other science classes. But going into the medical field you need to know that it is very competitive you have to know what you 're doing (Healthcare Career. (2009) para. 6). Schooling for a physical therapist assistant is 2 years which is an associate’s degree (Find Your Physical Therapy Degree Program (n.d.) para 2). Some classes you will have to take as majors for physical therapist assistant are cellular biology, general chemistry, general psychology, calculus, comparative anatomy and biology statistics, and general physics (Find Your Physical Therapy Degree Program (n.d.) para 2). Once you get your associate’s, you have to be licensed before your can work (Becoming a Physical Therapist (n.d.) para 2). Having a physical therapy license is required in every state. Doing a lot of volunteering while going to college to be a physical therapist assistant is very recommended to get more experience before going into the real world (How to Become a Physical Therapist. (2003) chart 1, para 4). To become a pediatrician, the schooling is way longer than becoming a physical therapist assistant but the pay for a pediatrician is well worth
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