Becoming A Pediatrician

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The career that I am researching is pediatrician because it is really interesting. Pediatrician involves working with kids and dealing with their diseases. Pediatrician can be a challenging career, but it is also a very rewarding career. As a pediatrician you have to overcome a lot of obstacles and challenges. You also have to be willing to work hard because it is not an easy career and it is time consuming. This career can takes more than ten years to complete. This career requires you to graduate high school, go to college for three to four years, go to medical school for four years, and finally complete a four year residency. The first step to take to become a pediatrician is in high school. You have to take certain classes that will…show more content…
Medical school takes 4 years to complete. Medical school is the Hardest part of this career. The first two years you learn everything just like a regular school in a classroom and labs. The courses will give you all the fundamentals to start learning the art of medicine and patient care. You will take classes like microbiology, human anatomy, and human development. Learning how to interact with patients is fundamental. Also it will prepare you for the first of yours licensing exams. You have to pass the exam if you want to move on to the third and fourth year of medical school. During the third and fourth year of medical school you 'll start practicing medicine. You 'll spend a significant amount of time in hospitals completing rotations. During these two years you will be learning by observing and doing what other physicians are doing. Almost at the end of your third or early in your fourth year you have to apply for your residency. The residency take 3 years to complete. At the end of your fourth year in medical school you have to take the second part of the medical licensing exam. The second test evaluate your knowledge and skills in medical. If you past these test you made it and then your last step is to complete your…show more content…
A day as a pediatrician starts off in the hospital making their daily schedule routine. Pediatrician start by checking sick children that are in the hospital. In a pediatrician 's office they examine newborn babies and sick children. Also pediatrician keeps track of all the patients information. Another job a pediatric doctor has is to be a consultant for nurses and family physicians. When they are on night call they take emergency calls throughout the night. Some challenges that they face are balancing working at a hospital and giving time to their family. They also don 't get enough time to sleep which the cause of it is because of their busy schedules. If you really want to be a pediatrician you have to put your heart and your soul into your job. " when you put your heart and soul into something you become vulnerable to people"pg. 59 fire
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