Becoming A Physical Professionalist

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I believe that no one can teach you how to act, but education can provide the environment to make mistakes, to learn techniques, and to learn professionalism. In my opinion what defines a physical therapist is professionalism. Professionalism is a broad term that is constructed from different aspects that make a student into a well-rounded professional. For starters, a student must demonstrate accountability.
Part of the experience of being a student is the commitment to learning. In general, part of being a student in the health care profession is acknowledging the responsibility for their education. This includes recognizing short comings during struggles with courses. A professional student in the physical therapy program must show the initiative and the accountability for their education. Students must adapt to challenges and find effective use of time and resources to excel in the program. In comparison, a consequence for an undergraduate student’s poor performance during examination might be a low letter grade, but for a DPT student showing insufficient accountability will not only affect their
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Communication is simply the means of connection between people or places. Communication can also be informing, influencing and motivating individual, institutional and public audiences.. This is practiced and applied throughout our education and professional career. Overall this includes written and verbal communication, using the appropriate terms or vocabulary in expression, listening without immediate judgment, and using appropriate body language to match one’s words or tone. As a rehabilitation aid, working with the physical therapist is a team effort. We need them as much as they need us. Whether a physical therapist wants to call a patient early or if assistance is required from an aid to finish a patient’s exercises, an aid needs to establish and understand the information conveyed by the
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