Becoming A Physical Therapist

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How to become a Sprainiac 1. Physical therapy has always played a really big part in my life. Ever since the seventh grade I have had joint problems; this has caused me to struggle in my athletic activities. When it got to the point of not being able to run without serious pain, my coach and doctor decided it was time to get some physical therapy. Since then physical therapy has really interested me and made me wonder what do physical therapists really do?
2.According to the Ok Career Guide website they say some of the responsibilities of being a physical therapist will be preparing a set workout for the patient to do that improves their inability. You should also be able to perform exams and give the patient exercises to work on at home
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You could go and work at a nursing home, a hospital, an orthopedic facility, or you could even have your own place for physical therapy (Shmoop: Odds of Getting). 6.My plan of advancement for whenever I become a physical therapist is to get hired at a physical therapy facility, get some experience, and then go and start a physical therapy center somewhere else. I think I would either have to go back to college to take some business courses or take them whenever I get my degree. 14.The job outlook for physical therapy is pretty impressive. The different generations are starting to become more and more active, physical therapy is expected to grow at a much larger than average rate. Heart attacks and strokes are becoming more common which also gives physical therapists the chance to help them with their post-hospital rehabilitation (Ok College Start: National Employment…show more content…
For Oklahoma, you have to renew your license by state law, and as long as you can pass the test, you do not have to continue education (BLS: How to Become a Physical Therapist). I would not even call this a very big limiting factor at all. This process just makes sure that you still know what you are doing and that you can be as helpful as possible to your patients. The job may not be very limiting, but there are some physical hazards for physical therapists. 8.Shmoop had a very interesting take on the hard work a physical therapist does that may be strenuous to the employee. “PTs do a lot of heavy lifting—moving patients, manipulating multiple body parts, bending, stooping, squatting, standing. A PT 's constant physical activity is extremely taxing and heightens the risk that they themselves will get injured. And a patient could give in to frustration during an inversion on a machine and kick you in the head by mistake (mistake, yeah).” (Shmoop: Physical Danger). I hope a patient does not get to that point of frustration, but bending and stooping to adjust equipment and even lifting a patient are definitely strenuous activities, and they could cause me to need a physical therapist of my
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