Becoming A Physician Assistant Essay

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Sitting at a desk, dragging fingers key to key on the keyboard, sipping the last sip of coffee from the mug that says “world’s greatest accountant” or any other lying quote that motivates throughout the undesirable day. In a life that the world expects to work hard for the first 18 years of life by forcing learning, such as walking, reading, to making and solving equations. Sitting at a desk for 13 to 14 years, just to live a life in a different desk for the rest of your working life. But, why live a boring life when a career that challenges on a daily basis, pumps adrenaline into the heart for more desire, while helping and saving people during the time of great need. As a physician’s assistant, life will never be boring. When Physicians assistants start the career of their lives, there are many requirements needed in order to succeed. In Texas, years of education is needed to take the first steps in becoming a Physician’s assistant. Basics in Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Terminology, Micro Biology, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology. Seems like so much but, those classes are just basics. Some curriculums during basics are, advanced surgical anatomy, surgical microbiology, surgical…show more content…
Some amazing advantages are, lateral mobility: chances of changing field specialties, graduating and earning salaries four to nine years earlier than an MD, guaranteed collaboration with a MD, skip four years of med school, no legal fees for male practice, high job outlook, guaranteed job position, and all with less responsibilities than a physician. With all the advantages and flexibility it only gets better if traveling is a loved activity. The opportunity to become a traveling physician’s assistant is growing as fast as a normal physician’s assistant. With benefits of health, life, and dental insurance, with free private browsing, tax advantages, and licensure
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