Becoming A Pitcher-Personal Narrative

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Final 3 review with John My father was less worried about my dreams when he decided to walk out of my life to concentrate on his issues. I was only nine years old with great interests in baseball that needed his encouragement and guidance during my training. I communicated to my mother, my desire to pitch and that I would never be good because I needed my father to teach me. That day I learned one of the most valuable things in my life she told me to never take the easy way out and blame someone else for not accomplishing your dreams. She told me to achieve a goal you must develop a plan. We developed a plan to pursue my dream of becoming a pitcher. Our plan consisted of me reading many baseball books, practicing daily and keeping a positive attitude and above all…show more content…
My pitching coach encouraged me not to give up and I became even more determined. When the fall ball season started, I again made my intentions known and continued receiving the same response. Until my mother 's boyfriend started taking a prominent role in my life. I told him about my aspirations and he witnessed that I had become a talented pitcher. After the first fall ball game and my step father observed the coach 's response and as the coached chuckled and he noticed my step father observing him, but he had no idea that the man observing him was my step father. After the game he stepped up to speak with the coach and as he introduced himself to the coach, he called me over and told the coach this is my soon to be step son. Ironically, the coaches demeanor completely changed that day we had a second game and I was called up to pitch and I pitched three innings that with only one hit, and no walks. I did great. At the end of the game I shook my coaches hand and thanked him for letting me pitch. This experience taught me never to give up on your dreams and never let anyone tell you, you can 't do something or stop you from trying. My perseverance,
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