Becoming A Professional Nurse: Article Analysis

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Becoming a Professional Nurse and Personal Attributes Needed To Establish An Effective Professional Relationship. The 2006 article “What Makes a Nurse” by Rush and Cook and Davis’ 2014 article “Emphatic Nurse” both describe important qualities for becoming an excellent nurse. This paper compares and contrasts key concepts proposed by the researchers such as communication, attitude, skills, knowledge and empathy. This paper will also consider life experiences and personal attributes to determine adequate qualities that nurses should have. Being a nurse is more than just giving medications, changing linen or providing personal care to patients. Nursing encompasses integrity,…show more content…
A patient should be treated “as a person” as cited in Rush and Cook, (2006). Nurses should always remember to respect people’s rights to know what is happening with them. Nurses should see patients as human beings and not judge the patient while they are providing fair and equitable health care. Nursing Clinical Skills and…show more content…
Having these competencies make patients aware that the nurse has an extensive expertise as Registered Nurse. To become a nurse you need to have extensive training and knowledge in areas such as human anatomy, pharmacology, pathology, interpersonal communications, etc. Nurses need to be able to explain to patients different procedures. Nurses need to possess competency and confidence to inform and educate patients on healthy living practices. Another aspect to consider is that nurses should be able to know basic knowledge of resources and information in order to make it available to patients to improve their quality of

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