Becoming A Serial Killer Essay

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The home they are brought up in affects their later life. Some people become violent because of their terrifying childhood that includes abuse, neglect and rejection.People who suffer from neglect and abuse and rejection from their parents can later on become a serial killer because all they know of is abuse and neglect and they will only see hate so they would take all their pain out by killing people. As well as traumatic experiences that they face in life. Childhood trauma can cause people to grow up and become a serial killers. Those who was physically abused, Sexually abused or even witnessed sexual abuse have a high rate to be linked to become a serial killer later on in life.Those who have been sexually abused have a higher rate to become a serial killer because the trauma that they face will scare them or even those…show more content…
The ego is the decision making that works based off of reason and logic rather than the id which runs of impulses and illogical reasoning.A damage ego leads to a person being unable to reason with themselves about the things they are doing. A damage ego is most often something a person is born with rather then evolving into so it would lead to the fact that a person is born a serial killer. Genes can cause you to become a killer.Some killers are born with a gene that makes them more likely to commit violent acts.Some people live their lives differently than others and grow up differently those who grow up with more of a unsuitable household can grow to be a serial killer. Chemical imbalances in there brain. Some people suffer from psychological disorders which can cause motives to kill. Those people who suffer from schizophrenia and other mental disorders. Sometimes don 't understand the things that they do and the actions that they take so some can be serial killers but still don 't understand the things that are
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