Becoming A Student Assistant

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1) I believe that there are many reasons why I want to be employed by the Chico State Success Center as a student assistant. I feel that it would be favorable to work at a place such as the CSSC. First off, working at the CSSC would be very helpful for future jobs as well as my career to learn what is expected of me in an office setting in terms of standards and how to act professionally for future jobs. Secondly, having a job as a student assistant at the CSSC center, I will not have to worry about hours being as sporadic each week as much as normal jobs off the Chico State campus. Whereas, I would not know which days I would be working or the hours. With the CSSC job, I would have structure and more allotted time for school. Also, I feel…show more content…
Additionally, I believe that success is being able to pick yourself up when you fail and seeing what were the reasons for your failure and being able to use failures as an example of what not to do next time and share your experiences with other people in the same position as you, so they do not make the same mistakes. Also, having a strong mindset that never falters in addition to always believing that you can do anything you can put your mind to helps tremendously with being a successful person. An example of success in my life is receiving Spanish Department Student of the Month in high school. I feel that I received this award from my Spanish teacher, Sr. Hernandez due to working hard in the class when I did not believe that I could pass the class as well as not giving up on myself, along with always knowing that I can do anything as long as I have a positive mindset. Another example of success in my life is completing my first year of college at Chico State well without any huge setbacks. I feel that I was triumphant in my first year of college with the help of believing that there have been many people that have graduated college, so why can I not do this. Additionally, having a great support system back home and at Chico helped greatly in the transition to the new environment of Chico State. Also, learning from my mistakes in high school of not getting the best grades because of lack of effort helped me become a strong student academically at Chico State in my first two semesters, due to not wanting to repeat the past. My last example of success in my life is being more outgoing and being able to hold a conversation with I person I just met a few minutes. When I was younger I was very shy and could not even look people in the eye when I was talking to them. I realized, I needed to talk to more people to combat my shyness
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