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Ever since I was young, I knew what I wanted my path to be in the future. I wanted to be a teacher, and it is still my dream job to this day. Teachers play a huge role in their students’ lives, as they influence their behavior, life skills, and education. Therefore, teachers must be able to manage classroom behavior and atmosphere, prepare lessons with other teachers, and must ensure their own continuous personal development.

Managing the classroom atmosphere and behavior of students are huge responsibilities that teachers must be in control of. Every exceptional teacher should be able to problem solve with practicality and efficiency. Sometimes students don’t want to listen, and they just can’t seem to follow the rules. For example, a student might constantly leave his/her seat to
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When this situation occurs, teachers must be able to reason with this student quickly, to not distract or waste learning time for other students. Patience is also a huge factor in becoming a good teacher. Every student perceives information differently, and some with more difficulty than others. By demonstrating patience, teachers are allowing the student who may be struggling, to feel less anxious and frustrated about understanding the concept. Some students just choose not to put in the effort to learn what is being taught, and might take more pleasure in provoking the teacher and class, instead of doing the assigned work. In this scenario, teachers must stay calm and collected on the outside, as to not

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