Essay On Becoming A Teenager

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The best route to follow can be the one that is not in the map. Being a teenager is not easy. Being a mom is not easy. On the one hand, being a teenager, you have to face a lot of changes in your life, for example, start defining who you are or start thinking about your future. On the other hand, becoming a mom could be compared to experiencing a big earthquake in your life (but hopefully with not-so-bad consequences); just as the actress Olivia Wilde said “Motherhood is a heart-exploding, blissful hysteria”. Now imagine a mixture: become a teenage mom… this was me when I was 16 years old. My story started when I made the pregnancy test after the suggestion of my mother because I had been sick and she noted me different. It was a morning of May, 2010. I did it alone in my house. My first reaction was: throw up, because the mixture of feeling sick and the impact, and cry. From the very first moment I felt responsible of that little thing inside of me so I knew I had to calm down and just face it, even when this wasn’t in my plans. Always being pregnant in high school means that you are the center of the gossiping, luckily I think I was “mature” enough to not…show more content…
After 10 hours in the hospital I could finally meet my daughter, and for 15 minutes I couldn’t stop crying. I still can remember when the doctor asked me why I was crying, because the worst part related to pain had happened already and I could hardly answer that it was not pain, but emotion. Here was when loads of changes came. I started with little changes like being careful when I was crossing the street, because I was not alone in the world anymore, until big changes like a mutation of my sleeping style, because being a mom means that you can never fall into a deep sleep, so you become a dolphin; sleeping with an eye closed and the other open, or like a cat, waking up (and freaking up internally) with the minimum whining of your
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