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My professional goal is to be a law attorney, specifically a trial attorney. A trial attorney is a lawyer that specializes in defending clients before, during, and after court. The reason why I think that job fits my character is because of how I handle situations in real life. I always think before I act and look beyond my problems with the potential outcome while weighing the consequences. I also enjoy a good debate. Both of which are essential to being a successful trial attorney.

To be a trial attorney, you're going to need seven years of study. Four of it is at the undergraduate level and the other there is spent at the law school. when you're going to apply to law school it's not going to be an easy process it's very hard and difficult that requires and interview also work experience a bachelor's
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Housatonic is preparing me so I could be more comfortable in the long run cost wise it's $8,064 for the two years I'm there for financial aid is going to help me so I don't have to worry about spending a lot of money out my own pocket. Transportation I'll have my own ride or I could take the bus and taking the bus is not that expensive it's 2.75 that's pretty cheap if you ask me. My original plan is to spend up to four years in college two at a Housatonic community college that's to get my associates and two at southern that's to get my bachelor's degree and three years at law school. The college I'm going to after I finish community college is southern university and that's to get my bachelor's the cost is $19,200 basically 20,000 if you ask me and that's for 2 years. My dad will be helping me out by paying for my first year tuition and my grandmother will pay for the second year. Basically, that's my plan on how I'm going to get my associates and bachelor

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