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A career that I would like to pursue is becoming a veterinarian and taking care of the animals. I love animals! What better way to spend time with them and take care with them?! Becoming veterinarian would make animal nature better one by one, I get that animals are misunderstood and abused, I would like to become someone who prevents that’s, that makes all their pain go away. If becoming a veterinarian is what I need to do that is what I’ll do, I will not stand by while innocent creatures suffer. I would do anything to help them, if becoming a veterinarian is what I can do I’ll do it. I would love to become a veterinarian and pursue this passion!

Working both parts as a small and large animal veterinarian can be tricky for what they do on a daily basis! Working as a small veterinarian, they perform surgery, spaying and neutering, setting broken bones, treating wounds and providing genetic core for older pets. Most of the its going for a checkup or getting a shot. Some may think it’s easy when it’s really not, they
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Being passionate is a big part of working at a job and liking it, although those are two different things. To be a vet you have to have at least some care in the world for animals, most veterinarians love animals and want to be with them all day and I have the same liking! I have a dog and a cat at home, I also take care of horses up the street and I really like them! I believe anyone with the same passionable spirit about animals would be well suited for this career.

Education is a big part of any career! What types of education is required? Earning a doctor's degree in veterinary medicine can take a few years, although sometimes possible you can gain an acceptance without a bachelor's degree! Lots of different types of education is required for instance, biology or zoology, chemistry and physics! Although working to become a vet is hard work, it sure is worth

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