Becoming A Warrant Officer Essay

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As I embark on the newest chapter in my life it occurs to me that I must first take time to fully process and appreciate the magnitude of what it really is to be a Warrant Officer in the United States Army. From my own perspective as well as the perspective seen from society I can see my new responsibilities will hold a paramount position in many different aspects. This being said, I can look forward to a major shift in what my focus will be and how my decisions will directly impact those around me. My personal desire to become a Warrant officer stems from my constant thirst to grow and influence my surroundings. Through the past 11 years that I have been an enlisted Soldier, I have seen the value of leadership and the effect good and poor leadership can have on Soldiers and …show more content…

Many seem to over emphasize the many privileges gained as an officer and seem to completely overlook the ever more important duties that should be the true motivators. I must ensure to maintain this mindset. I must also remember to put “people first”. (Department of Defense, 1988) This will be a cornerstone in every decision I make. Lastly, as a Warrant Officer I am expected to be the subject matter expert in my field. With no knowledge of my personality or past, Soldiers will expect me to have a high amount of knowledge on my particular field; therefore, I will need to ensure their trust in my knowledge is not wasted. The new found responsibilities that await me offer up challenging new challenges. I have always been a firm believer in the value of hard work. I want to be a Warrant Officer because this is how I can best serve my country. Society expects me to fulfill an enormous amount of responsibilities. I will do so with the most humble head all while fulfilling my responsibilities. I am ready, willing and highly motivated to enter what is perhaps the most challenging chapter in my

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