Becoming Agile-Personal Narrative

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To me being adaptive means to shape yourself into something else in order to fit in, to adapt or survive. Agile, simply to move quick like your life depends on it. I have been moved around like a pawn chess piece. To my mother to my father then from my father to my mother. Over and over it never needs. I’ve lived in plenty of different states because of it. When I lived with my father on the south side of Chicago in a Roseland neighborhood, I had to settle for a neighborhood school. It wasn’t the best but I had no say. I was always pointed out because I actually pronounced my words, I wasn’t in trouble all the time, I did my work, and because I sat alone when doing work. No one took anything seriously. Two years later, my mother wanted to take give me and my two sisters a…show more content…
Everything was so fast past and I often fell behind. I wasn’t use to it. I was actually being challenged and learning. I wanted to show everyone that I was just as smart as them. I had to learn to be as fast past as them so I wouldn’t fall behind. I had to be agile. Even if I am Black. Often they would say you don’t like the “typical”. I took it as a compliment. I graduated at a good rank. Top 10. I didn’t get into any of the school I wanted to get into. I excepted so much from myself, I thought I was better than everyone else and that got to my head and I bombed the test. My mother was moving and dropped us off at my fathers and left. I settled for the neighborhood school again. George Henry Corliss STEM High School. Going to that school were the worst days of my life. So much that I didn’t like going to school. I was made a fun of because talked quote-unquote white and also because I took pride in any "A" I received. They saw it as bragging. I wanted everything to stop so I dropped the “care to much” so-called act. I had to talk more like them and see things the way they saw things. Adapting to a new school and place is not easy. Trying to adapt to survive will never be any
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