Becoming An APTA Member Essay

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I think that two of the most important benefits of being an APTA member as a student are the student study resources and the ‘getting involved’ information. I think that all the options in the study resources tab would be an invaluable tool to use in researching different topics and scenarios for future classes and clinical rounds. It is nice to know that I can go to a reliable source to search for answers on topics I need more clarification on. The other neat benefit is the special student interest groups in the ‘getting involved’ tab; this sounds like a great way for students to further themselves as future physical therapists. I think it would be quite profitable to be a part of one; it sounds like a great way to communicate and work with other students from Texas in a smaller, more focused setting.…show more content…
I think that being an APTA member starting now, would be another step on my road to becoming a real professional adult. I think that one of the great benefits for members is being a part of an increased advocacy for the profession. If accurate advocacy for all physical therapists results from a larger number of APTA members, I am happy to be a number. I think there has been a lot of hard work in bringing the physical therapist up to a doctorate level; I think that it should be recognized accordingly with, among other things, direct access. Another benefit that is important to me personally is the networking available through APTA. It would be neat to be able to communicate with other students and a great support system. It would be a great way to connect with other students and new professionals excited about furthering the
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