Becoming An American Soldier Essay

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The road to become an American soldier is not an easy one, for some it takes time and patients before even taking a single step in a recruitment center. On September 11 2001 I sat in my mother's living room watching the twin towers being under attack. At that moment, I felt that I needed to contribute to our country by serving in the U.S ARMY. Growing up I was raised by both my parents for most of my childhood. My father tough me the values of work and my mother the importance of helping others in need. I worked a full-time job with extreme overtime hours, leaving me with only one day off a week. I struggled for nearly four years to earn my way into the military due to my education and full-time job. I never gave up on my dream to…show more content…
The greatest satisfaction is leading soldiers, the pride one gets after passing on knowledge to subordinates is a reward itself. Serving our country has also given me great opportunities to travel. I’ve been to Ft Benning GA, Germany, Ft Irwin CA, Ft Lewis WA, Ft Campbell KY, Ft Jackson SC and Ft Knox Ky. Traveling Europe and visiting many of the country's WWII historical sites was one of the best experiences of my military career. Trough out the years in the military I have been promoted. I enlisted as a PV2 and with hard work and dedication I have earned the rank of SSG (Staff Sargent) a Non Commission Officer. I’ve also had the privilege to attend many schools throughout my years in the service. Air assault school at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and Drill Sargent school at Fort Jackson, South Carolina have been the most rewarding schools I’ve accomplished. Being a 101st airborne (air assault) soldier requires one to be air assault qualify, which earns you a skill badge that you can wear in your uniform. One learns how to conduct air assault operations as well as repealing and fast roping off a helicopter and tower with or without gear. After many years in the service and with
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