Personal Narrative: Becoming An Electrical Engineer

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Becoming an Electrical Engineer In this day and age the majority of people rely on electronic technology to perform many of the activities in their daily lives. Some people may not be able to function without having their phone nearby because it tells them what time it is, events they have scheduled for that day, or it is their only source of communication with others when at work. Nearly all workplaces have a computer of some sort whether it is simply for storing documents, or something as important as running a nuclear reactor. This leads to the question of what would the world as we know it today be like without computers, phones etc? Without this technology entire countries would no longer be able to properly regulate themselves. It is…show more content…
I was lucky enough to grow up as a millenial who got to experience all of the newest technology and continuously still does. My whole life I have been in love with all forms of electronics from video games to circuitry. What most makes me enjoy it all is the sort of puzzle that has to be solved in order to accomplish whatever is desired. In a video game I always wanted to beat every single level. My parents obviously realized this and occasionally I would get gifts of a puzzle where I had to solve a circuit. No matter how many hours it took I never got tired of attempting to solve the puzzle and would not give up until I did. Electrical engineering perfectly follows the path I have been on for my entire life now and I absolutely love the idea of getting to help other people solve their own problems. Electrical engineers are responsible for maintaining and developing electrical control systems that influence our economy and sustain a reliable quality in the safest manner possible (Prospects). These systems can assist with lighting, heating, ventilation, transportation, and production of power (Prospects). Originally I just loved solving those puzzles my parents got me for the fun of accomplishing something, however I now know that there is so much more I can do as an electrical engineer. Soon enough as I moved on to a later stage in my life I…show more content…
Someday I hope to have my own family with kids who will eventually be much more successful than me, and live great lives. I want to do my best to make sure that they are set up as best as possible to make themselves great, as well as, make certain that my wife can live comfortably. Electrical engineers have a fairly large salary averaging just around $96,270 (Summary). Being that this is an average some make more and some make less than this amount, however, I intend to make sure that I am north of this number so I can provide whatever my family could possibly need. It may take a few years, but the financial stability that electrical engineering provides will be a huge benefit to my future family. Not only is the salary useful, but many jobs in the field come with benefit plans that will assist in making sure I can raise a successful, healthy family. Most careers provide some form of life insurance, with many others providing things such as health, dental, and vision insurance (Electrical Engineer Sample). All of these policies will cut on spending for my family as we won’t have to pay as much for contacts or braces if need be. This will also allow me to ensure that my family will be taken care of if something unfortunate were to happen to me. While I hope that nothing this horrific ever happens it is good to
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