Becoming Color Guard Captain: A Positive Role Model

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Eyes are watching me. Boring into my skin as cold metal slides across my neck and along my shoulder. Rivers of blood rush through my veins like an electrical current as my palms become more sweaty. I hear a soft gasp while reaching back to patiently guide the metal around my arm, back to the front of my neck. Smiling, I set up for my last trick while glancing at the audience of wide-eyed color guard members. The baton seems to be a magnet to their eyes, glued to it as it spins freely. Catching my double illusion, I pose with my head high while everyone claps excitedly. When teammates rush up to ask how I twirl and perform so confidently, I state “practice and positivity,” which is something color guard educated me on. As I proceed to begin practice, I remember a…show more content…
I was responsible in guiding members and helping them understand choreography. Being a positive role model to help guard members that struggled with unfamiliar moves was challenging, as I worked to stay patient with an outgoing personality. As I watched the guard practice, I became aware that each individual learns differently, however, their problems showed similarities. Members’ eyes were wandering, comparing themselves to each other. Frustrations filled their faces as members doubted their ability to execute the choreography. Developing to be more open minded to these facts, I perceived that I had stepped into their shoes. I obtained the same negativity during baton as they do for flag choreography. To support the guard and myself, I was compelled to change and become a stronger leader. If I was instructing members to help them improve on body technique, characteristic facial features, or their confidence for performing, then I should apply the same to my training. Now, when I practice or compete my hands are strong and sturdy. If moves are difficult, I take a breath and tell myself to stay positive and patient because I know that I can do

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