Homeless People In America

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Can you move all of your life's possessions around in a shopping cart? No, I don't think so. Your possessions are safely protected in your own house. Such luxury is not possible for homeless people in America. According to the National Health Care for Homeless Council (2015), "a homeless person an individual who lacks housing (without regard to whether the individual is a member of a family), including an individual whose primary residence during the night is a supervised public or private facility (shelters) that provides temporary living accommodations.” Homeless people are living each day filled with new emerging problems, as they try to overcome various challenges. People who are homeless are forced to provide for their basic needs without…show more content…
Love (2015), suggested that unemployment is a regular reason for homelessness, the best barrier to prevent homelessness is acquiring a job that covers the cost for housing. When a person is unemployed there is no inflow of income to finance the expenses of living and providing for the basic needs of a person. Unable to pay the necessary cost of living in a permanent house may lead to the loss of a place to live. However, while employment is the best way to escape homelessness employers are often cautious of hiring persons without an address. Homeless people are less likely to get a job. Hence, unemployment may increase the rate of homelessness in…show more content…
Due to drugs and alcohol related problems, mental illness and unemployment homeless rates are increasing. Many people may purchase drugs and alcohol and become addicts, as such may lose the incentive of maintaining a permanent house. The Government will have to carry out strategies which will reduce and prevent people from accessing and abusing these substances which can lead to homelessness. Homeless people who have mental disorders have high risk of staying homeless. The government can invest in treatments for mentally ill individuals, as this will help individual’s health to improve and this may decrease the levels of homelessness in America. The Government needs to provide more jobs and may extend the unemployment insurance period for those who are close to or have surpass their ninety-nine week benefits. As a result, this will aid those who are unemployed and is searching for a job. With the help of every citizen, homelessness can be dealt with and better living conditions can emerge for everyone living in
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