Becoming Parents

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Is it fair to have to take a course and pass a test to become a parent? Does everybody have the capacity to become a parent? There are many young women getting pregnant without knowing what they are going to offer their child. The population needs to know that all children have needs such as feeding, clothes, education and not all people can give them that. The population should focus on giving a better life to their children. People who want to become a parent should take the course and pass the test to know if they are prepared to be a good parent. Many people bring kids to the world to mistreat them or to claim benefits from the government. Having a child is a natural part of every human’s life but this not means all people have the capacity to provide stability, love, health, care, and education. Everyone should have a license if they want to become parents. Not all people should be able to have a child in my opinion; there are many pregnant women that they do not take care of themselves which means they will not know how to take care of other a newborn. Also, there are many guys who don’t care about taking care of a…show more content…
What is this causing is that adolescence is bringing children’s to this world and they don’t end taking care of them. The majority of people who become parents at early ages regret to have the child and they become unhappy and end up mistreating their children. When the child grows up he will have low self-esteem because his parents did less than presage him. Parents come to hate themselves for making their child feel bad because they know it's not the children’s fault. A personal experience is that I have a cousin she has three kids and she just got married and at 8 in the morning she takes her children out so that her partner and she have an intercourse. For me, this is an example that not everyone has the capacity to care of a
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