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The Film Becoming Queen (2004) was a documentary created by Mark McLaughlin. During its hour runtime, Becoming Queen, illuminates how the band famous for their gaudy, flamboyant performances and their distinct sound came to be. The London based band, Queen, resulted from numerous failed bands. The band underwent several name changes and a wide arrange of band members, until the perfect harmony was created. Brian May, the lead guitarist for Queen, pursued a passion for music in grammar school where his failure to enter the school`s band inspired him to craft his own guitar out of a wardrobe and a fireplace. It was this hand-crafted guitar that would later give Queen its unique sound, one not matched by any other manufactured guitar. After grammar school Brian May and the other members of the band attended college. It was also during this time that Brian May, Roger Taylor, and Freddie Mercury would join a wide variety of bands until Brian May and Roger Taylor formed the band Smile. It was with the formation of Smile that Brian May and Roger Taylor came the closest to fame. However, after the band`s first record deal flopped dreams of stardom quickly faded.…show more content…
The casual method of information delivery used by Becoming Queen, was able to transform me from a mere connoisseur of Queen`s music to a true enthusiast and believer in their legacy. It was from this very documentary that I will take a completely different mindset when listening to a Queen song or watching a performance. Becoming Queen allows the viewer to connect with the band through the portrayal of their failures, triumphs, and tragedies. Thus, creating a cinematic masterpiece that is intriguing as it is emotional. It is due my completely different outlook on Queen that I feel that this documentary is incredibly successful and

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