Becoming Slaves To Smartphones

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Mobile phone is considered as one of the important communication tool and become an integral part of the society. It is not only a communication tool but it also a necessary social accessory. Nowadays, most of the mobile phones in the market are smartphones. Smartphones are those phones that offer more advanced computing power and connectivity than a traditional mobile phone. With the immense rise in the number of cases of gadget addiction, mental health experts are coining such terms (smartphone slaves) to describe behavioural changes that are occurring with excessive gadget use. Large number of persons from young generation are reporting disorders such as selfitis and vibrating phone syndrome. Obsessive compulsive disorder of taking too many…show more content…
However, what many people still fail to realise is that becoming slaves to the smartphones is actually a very real problem that is affecting thousands across the world. It's already a massive problem, but smartphone addiction is growing rapidly because of day-by-day increase in access and demand of the smartphones. Some psychiatrists believe that becoming slaves to the smartphones is no different from any other type of addiction (e.g., drug, the Internet) and hence it has become one of the most widespread non-drug addictions.
According to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI, 2015) there are about 1,006.96 million mobile phone subscribers in India, which becomes second country in the world with high usage of mobile phones. People are increasingly using smartphones and in today’s era these smartphones are lifeline for many of us. It is estimated that around 2.08 billion people using smartphones across the globe (as per statistics portal). And the revelation comes as no surprise that among them, the majority is of youths. The cell phone by them is considered more of a necessity than a
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They put whole world at our fingertips. According to today’s release of the Cisco Visual Networking Index™ (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast (2015 to 2020). By 2020, there will be 5.5 billion mobile users, representing 70 percent of the global population. So, an overview of surveys and data, reported a clear picture that smartphones are overpowering the man and hence man day by day is becoming slaves of these smartphones.
1. Rising Recent Trends- The trend of downloading new applications have increased manifold. Youth might suffer from inferiority, if they haven’t got the latest apps. It is considered that the peer pressure leads to such meaningless & unsafe addictive behavior.
2. The Addiction- We are so much addicted or in habit of using smartphones that it decreases our cognitive abilities. Spending lot of waking hours in a virtual world making us physically as well as psychologically unhealthy.
3. The Cravings- As a substance abuse addict gets withdrawal symptoms without substance; similarly teenagers get withdrawal symptoms without their smartphones. Strong desires to check the cell phone irrespective of the notification being received or not is always associated with addicter.
4. The Compulsions- Cravings give way to compulsions where you keep on going back to the activities repeatedly even when activity is not much

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